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Your RV Concierge

New to the RV Community? 

The first time I went RVing was in 1973 in a pop up Coleman camper. 1st lesson learned? Have a level unit. My grandmother tried cooking eggs on the installed griddle and the eggs slid off and flew to the floor. A bad start to the day but a great memory of my grandmother and her can do attitude. She leveled the unit and made breakfast successfully.  I'm here to help you avoid all the problems I have encountered or heard of through all my years of RVing. 

Pre-Purchase Evaluation and Inspections:

I can assist you prior to purchasing your new house on wheels. We can walk through various units to evaluate features to see what fits your lifestyle. Some things you may not have thought of. I'm not a salesman so I won't be pushing you into a unit. I'm here to assist you with the pros/cons of each unit. I can also perform a basic pre-purchase inspection on the unit you decide on. Just like a house, you want to inspect an RV.   Note: An RV warranty is not the same as a car or home warranty. 

Basic Training:

Sure, you have lived in a house/apartment for years and driven a car but have you lived in a house that you move frequently? Are you familiar with the types of electric your new home has (A/C, D/C, Generator, Solar, etc). How about your plumbing system. Fresh city water, fresh on board water, grey and black water.  Leveling your home? Its not difficult but you gotta learn somehow.

RV Setup and Breakdown: 

Backing into a site, disconnecting from tow vechile, connecting power, leveling, opening slide-outs, connecting water and sewer connections. It can be overwhelming at first. But we can come to your site and help you setup and provide you with checklists.


Don't forget to prep your RV for the winter. It can't just be left sitting in the cold without being winterized. We can help with this as well. We can do it or provide hands on training so you can do it on your own next year. 

What we do

Basic Training


Why its important and how to do it. Your refrigerator depends on you to do this. Your doors will close properly as well. 

Tank Education

From filling your fresh water tank and keeping it fresh to dumping your black water tank and minimizing the stink and spillage.

RV Electricity

Shore Power, House Power, Generator Power, Solar Power, Chassis Power, 50/30AMP... What to expect and how to use it.  Can I plug my RV into my dryer outlet at home?

Mapping out a Trip

What? I can just use my phones GPS. Right?  Does your phone GPS warn you about low bridges, difficult turns, areas where you will bottom out or dirt roads you should avoid?


Oh come on. I can make a trip without a checklist. Is that really necessary?

I've seen RVers leave a campsite with their awning out, steps out, left with hoses/power cords connected. Using a checklist helps you avoid mistakes. Some could be costly. 


Why do you need to winterize an RV? To prevent your pipes and hot water heater from freezing and having pipes burst. Its pretty easy and is considered essential.


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